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    My Future Baby + Infertility ABCs DVD


    Becoming an educated patient is empowering. Getting the correct facts and options and creating a plan is important when faced with infertility. My Future Baby + Infertility ABCs provides education, awareness and hope for those trying to conceive.

    DVD includes:  
    “My Future Baby”
    Documentary Special (as seen nationwide on PBS & WORLD Channels)
    “Infertility ABCs”
    A (2) hour bonus video that answers both common and complex questions about infertility and treatment options.
                                            Chapters Include: 
    What is Infertility? * Infertility In Women * Recurrent Miscarriage * Infertility In Men * Diet & Lifestyle * Traditional Chinese Medicine * Female Fertility Medications * Intrauterine Insemination * In Vitro Fertilization * ZIFT & GIFT * Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis *               Egg Donation * Sperm Donation * Embryo Donation * Surrogacy *       Egg Freezing * Emotional Well Being & Support
    HD, NTSC, 180 min.
    An Educational/Institutional License is needed for public screenings. For more information on copyright law visit MPAA's website.
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  • My Future Baby + Infertility ABCs DVD


  • Dream Lullabies CD


    There are many way to become a parent. My Future Baby creates awareness, education and hope on the subject of infertility. Dream was created to inspire that hope.

    Dream is an album of classic and new lullabies sung and performed with a timeless grace. The beautiful voices that fill this record include: Quincy ColemanRandy ColemanPetra HadenCourtney JayeGarrison StarrRenee & JeremyChris PierceJim BiancoHarry Dean Stanton, and American Bloomers.

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  • Dream Lullabies CD

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  • My Future Baby + Infertility ABCs & Dream CD


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  • My Future Baby + Infertility ABCs & Dream CD

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