My Future Baby + Infertility ABCs DVD


Becoming an educated patient is empowering. Getting the correct facts and options and creating a plan is important when faced with infertility. My Future Baby + Infertility ABCs provides education, awareness and hope for those trying to conceive.

DVD includes:  
“My Future Baby”
Documentary Special (as seen nationwide on PBS & WORLD Channels)
“Infertility ABCs”
A (2) hour bonus video that answers both common and complex questions about infertility and treatment options.
                                        Chapters Include: 
What is Infertility? * Infertility In Women * Recurrent Miscarriage * Infertility In Men * Diet & Lifestyle * Traditional Chinese Medicine * Female Fertility Medications * Intrauterine Insemination * In Vitro Fertilization * ZIFT & GIFT * Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis *               Egg Donation * Sperm Donation * Embryo Donation * Surrogacy *       Egg Freezing * Emotional Well Being & Support
HD, NTSC, 180 min.
An Educational/Institutional License is needed for public screenings. For more information on copyright law visit MPAA's website.
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